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2020 Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X - main feature


The Tesla Model X is the fastest fully electric SUV available on our planet. It comes in various seating options, with standard five-seats. The doors in the back open vertically, not sure if this gives it more added value, but I guess it was something different at the time. The Tesla Model X needs a bit of getting used to visually. When we first saw it up close, it was weird for us. But it grew on us the more we saw it around. It looks good too cruising on the major highways.

The Model X was purpose built for safety, it has a 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating. Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the body, chassis, restraints and battery technology provide a very low probability of occupant injury.


Motor and Performance

Tesla Model X - performance

Tesla’s all-electric powertrain delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions, with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension and the quickest acceleration of any SUV on the road—from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. This is the fastest all-electric SUV out there now, your kids will never be late to school.

Battery and Charging

Model X - Charging

The Model X’s 100 kWh battery pack gives you a great 507 km range, however the range drops to a little under 490 km if you go with the Performance model. As with all Tesla vehicles, you can use one of the Superchargers to rapidly fill up on power. And it’s worth noting here that is unlimited and free!

Tesla is one of few that provide an option to by a wall charger to install at home which charges the vehicle quicker than plugging it into a normal 240V socket. Since you have the cash to splurge on the Tesla, then you should definitely purchase the wall charger.

Interior and Space

Tesla Model X - interior
Tesla Model X - interior
Tesla Model X - interior

The Tesla Model X is quite high in price, so much so that you could get a luxury SUV for the equivalent price – like a brand new Range Rover Sport. You’re going for the Model X because you want the space coupled with insane speed.

Model X is built to provide the most convenient interior experience ever—with best in class storage, seating for up to seven adults and an expansive 17-inch touchscreen. A seven-seat configuration option comes standard with fold-flat seats for maximum cargo space.


Smack in the middle is a large infotainment screen that looks like a hanging 17-inch tablet. The car can be updated over the air to welcome new functions, features, and performance. We mentioned that autonomous driving is not available in the Middle East yet, but you can purchase the feature at discounted rate and be ready for when it does launched. But, with the turnover of cars by customers in the region, you might end up selling the car before we get autopilot functionality in our region.

2020 Tesla Model X Availability

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Tesla Model X - gallery
Tesla Model X - gallery
Tesla Model X - gallery

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