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2021 Drako GTE

Drako GTE front shot


The front of the Drako GTE fascia is dominated by three air intakes that are surrounded by full and continuous surfaces. Powerful, agile and firmly planted on the ground. A design that combines a muscular four-seater body with the elegance of a true GT car. This pup has high numbers as you can see, and guess what, the price tag is high too $1.25 million as a matter of fact.

Drako GTE is a limited production supercar with just 25 units planned for worldwide production. Interested customers are encouraged to reach out to Drako Motors at reservations@drakomotors.com to secure their Drako GTE, that includes anyone with the money in the Middle East.

Drako GTE is a fully connected vehicle equipped with Drako DriveOS, much of the vehicle’s service is provided through remote diagnostics and over-the-air full vehicle software updates. When physical service is required, Drako Motors service rangers are dispatched to provide onsite service anywhere in the world.

It also comes in a Track Edition, which includes Drako high output track battery, fully adjustable track tuned suspension, two sets of wheels and tires (road + track).


Motor and Performance

Drako GTE wheels

The Drako GTE is designed for ultimate power. 1200 furious ponies power this monster looking four-seater to propel you from naught to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 332 km/h. That’s right, none of this limited speed in the mid 200s like other cars. This is the fastest four-door electric car out yet.

Each of GTE’s wheels are connected to an individual motor enabling unrivalled turning capability on any kind of road surface. Front and rear carbon ceramic Brembo brakes deliver phenomenal stopping power without fade during prolonged performance driving.

Battery and Charging

Drako TE battery

The Drako GTE’s battery was designed from the ground-up for megawatt power output as well as cooling capabilities to withstand track level performance on the world’s most challenging circuits. With 90 kWh of energy capacity and the ability to output 1,800 continuous and 2,200 peak amps, GTE’s battery is designed to supply GTE’s four motors with 900 kW of uninterrupted power. The car is reported to achieve a range of 402 km, which is not bloody bad at all for the high-performance.

Interior and Space

Drako GTE interior
Drako GTE front seats
Drako GTE rear seats
Drako GTE interior

For the price tag, the Drako GTE is luxurious thankfully. The four-door four-seater has ample legroom and easy entry and exit, even though it looks quite low and tight. The four-seats are designed with a blend of hand-stitched leather and alcantara to give both luxury and sporty look and feel. Customers can of course the car and make it their own with a wide range of colors, materials and finishes to choose from.


Drako’s driver-oriented Quattro Manettino consists of four console mounted switches to dial-in every aspect of the driving experience. Full control of torque vectoring and slip control, front to rear power distribution, and fine-grained regenerative braking control, allows drivers to adjust powertrain characteristics to match their driving style. The Quattro Manettino also provides the ability to select one of six road surface conditions – RACE, TRACK, DRY, RAIN, SNOW, ICE —optimizing GTE’s performance in every driving environment.

2021 Drako GTE

Email reservations@drakomotors.com or click on the price for online reservation

Drako GTE on road

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