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2021 Lucid Air

Lucid Air


The Lucid Air is some fine piece of craftsmanship and machinery. With modern EV looks and record-breaking performance, this is one surely soon to be popular vehicle. The closest comparison to this car right now is the Tesla Model S in terms of space, functionality and performance.

The Lucid Air topples the aforementioned with range an EPA-estimated range of 832 km (with 113kW pack) and monster power of up to 1,080 HP. It ticks all the want boxes with its aerodynamic design, which is not only for show, as it is the world’s most aerodynamic luxury car with a 0.21 coefficient of drag. It has a nice glass panoramic canopy that shines in light to its luxurious and spacious interior.

You can authorize your personal device so that when you approach the car it detects and greets you by automatically unlocking the doors, engaging the lighting and extending the door a handle. It takes it a step further as you can setup your facial recognition which then adjusts the car settings based on your personal preferences.

The Lucid Air base model starts at $80,000 but that wont be available until 2022. Available next year is at $95,000 is the Air Touring, followed by the ranging topping Grand Touring at $139,000, and the super quick Dream Edition at $169,000


Motor and Performance

Lucid Air on road

With 1,080 HP at the command of your foot, this engineering beauty can launch you to 100 km/h in 2.5s, and blast you down the quarter mile in under 10s. Over the air technology updates will ensure that your Lucid Air functions at peak performance over the years to come. The motor, which can fit into your standard size carry-on bag is the most powerful for its size. You get up to 670 HP for a motor that weighs only 74kg. The suspension tuning is state-of-the-art where in mere milliseconds, the suspension can softer to absorb bumps and then immediately stiffens to control the rebound. The steering feel can be tailored to your needs, either go pro with quick feedback like a sports car, or go with the comfort of a luxury sedan.

The Lucid Air will undergo a hot weather testing program to ensure safety and reliability in such environments, with additional attention paid to regional homologation requirements. There may also be additional considerations for enhancing the HVAC system and wheel/tire offerings to address the local climate and terrain, but the equipment and features will be similar to that which is offered in North America and the European Union.

Battery and Charging

Lucid Air Charging
Lucid Air Charging
Lucid Air Charging home

Lucid Motors is currently well known for supplying the battery packs to Formula E race cars. Lucid Air charges at an industry-leading rate over 900V — replenishing its battery pack at a rate of up to 20 miles per minute. In fact, with highly efficient charge profile management, the Air can add up to 300 miles in just 20 minutes. It does this with a Wunderbox boost charger that provides compatibility with any public charging station, automatically adjusting incoming voltage to correct levels. The Wunderbox is also fully future-ready for bi-directional energy functions enabling Lucid Air to power your house in the event of an outage.

Similar to the Nissan vehicle-to-grid technology, the Lucid Air can power your home, office, or even trailer. The optional Lucid Connected Home Charging Station has has bi-directional capabilities built-in to reverse the flow of energy from the car’s battery to another source.

Interior and Space

Lucid Air Interior
Lucid Air interior
Lucid Air Interior
Lucid Air Interior rear

Like the pricier Porsche Taycan, you feel like you get your money’s worth with the interior of the Lucid Air. Though performance is amazing, this is indeed a luxury car. From the photos, the car looks sophisticated fitted with high-quality looking material. A great feature in the rear seats of the car is the optional Executive Seating where you can, just like in a plane, recline the seats. In the standard version, three adults can comfortably sit in the back as this car is all about space. Supposedly you get the largest frunk (front trunk) of any electric car.


No official list on the exact driver assist features available in the car. Lucid Air’s digital ecosystem includes the Lucid vehicle control app, the capability to use your phone as a digital key, Alexa voice control and advanced displays that seamlessly interact with your own devices. The Lucid Air connects your entire digital world — wherever that may be.

DreamDrive offers up to 32 sensors including standard high-resolution LIDAR, radar, cameras and ultrasonics for the most complete data set possible. What this does is nail down split-second decisions for performance via the DreamDrive computers.

The Glass Cockpit is beautiful, and gives perfect command of the vehicle to the driver. On the left of the Glass Cockpit, the driver controls the wipers, locks and lights. In the center, all the essential information is displayed, such speed, range status, turn by turn navigation prompts, and the DreamDrive active features. On the right, you can control the navigation, audio and phone systems. So, it the controls are divided like a standard car, but displayed beautifully on a touch glass screen.

The driver can even enjoy the available 21-speaker Lucid Immersive Audio System experience while passengers use built-in WiFi to connect with the world through personal devices.

2021 Lucid Air

The car is available for order only in UAE and KSA at the moment for a AED/SAR 3,800 refundable deposit. Those interested in the car in other markets can register interest on the International Waitlist. Click on the price to head to the reservation page.

Lucid Air front shot
Lucid Air rear shot
Lucid Air line up

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